Wi-Fi-Satellite GPS Trailer-Asset Tracking

This is FleetMaster’s Best Selling TRAILER -ASSET TRACKING GPS. 12 satellites always monitoring your equipment 24/7. That is what GPS tracking technology can do for you. Monitor and Protect your trailers, assets and equipment with GPS tracking devices. Solution can be permanently mounted or comes with a magnetic mounting case. Our trailer, equipment, asset trackers have recovered millions in stolen trailers. The simple platform is easy to use and includes a free mobile application.


$275 Includes 36 Months-of Service – With No Contracts or Monthly Fees

  • No Contracts or Monthly Fees Ever!
  • Geo-Fence Alerts
  • INCLUDES iPhone and Android Apps
  • 5 Year Battery Life
  • All Weather Conditions
  • Easy to Install w/o wires
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  • No Contracts or Monthly Fees Ever!
  • Mileage Reports
  • Fuel Reports
  • Speed Alerts
  • Plug in or Hardwired


$275 – Includes 12 Months of Service

FleetMaster has changed the way fleet tracking is done. With our fleet trackers there are never monthly fees or contracts. Real-time GPS and asset tracking can be a game changer for business. Fleet tracking increases productivity, lower costs, and increases your business profits. Our fleet and equipment tracking platform is upgraded with new free features over the cloud constantly. Get real time GPS, fleet and equipment tracking with one easy to use platform.


  • Real Time Tracking
  • Interstate Mileage Reports
  • Fleet, Asset GPS Geo-Fences
  • Engine Hour Reports
  • Waterproof solution also Available $325
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  • No Contracts or Monthly Fees Ever!
  • No Wires
  • Aggressive Tracking Mode
  • Geo Fence Alerts

Brand NEW Battery Powered GPS Tracker for Equipment

$265 – Includes 36-Months of Service. Small & Covert with Magnetic Case.

The equipment, asset tracker is our newest tracking product! This battery powered,incredibly small, powerful, equipment GPS tracker. Is very small, accurate and water resistant. This asset GPS tracker solution has unlimited uses for business and individual applications.


  • Easy Installation, Installs in Seconds
  • Battery Powered
  • Free Magnet Case Available-Just ask
  • Dimensions 3″ x 2.5″ x 1.75″
  • No Contracts or Monthly Fees Ever!
  • Waterproof
  • Powered by Tail Lights or Similar Source
  • Up to 2 week Back Up Battery
  • Track in Real Time
  • Detailed History, Routes, Speed
  • Geo-Fence Alerts
  • Mileage Reports


$325 – Includes 12 Months of Unlimited Service – No Monthly Fees and No Contracts ever!

Need to track your fleet in Real-Time with a Waterproof GPS device for your trailers and/or equipment? This will handle all weather conditions and is very easy to install. This unit is so unique that is it does not need a constant power source.

This fleet waterproof tracking device is ideal to track trailers and equipment 24/7, all day. This unit can be wired directly to the taillights or any limited power source. And has a 2-week backup battery built-in. This allows you to keep tracking your trailer or equipment. Even when it has been removed from the power source. This GPS tracker has a 2 week Back-up battery and Geo-fence alerts. Unit has real-time tracking, no cost mobile app, and much more.

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$265 Includes 36 Months of Service – No Monthly Fees & No Contracts Ever!

This tiny, very affordable device enhances your productivity and is a game changer for protecting and monitoring assets, equipment, trailers and much more. This unit can be placed virtually anywhere.  This small, tiny GPS tracker has a powerful battery life of up to 60 months-5 years. It will also handle any weather condition given. Protect and monitor your fleet or business assets with the power of GPS tracking technology.

  • No Monthly Fees – No Contracts for Life of Device
  • Geo-Fence Alerts
  • Magnet Case Available FREE of charge-Just ask
  • Multiple Daily Updates
  • Geo-Zone Alerts
  • Aggressive Tracking Mode
  • No Wires
  • Simple Installation
  • Tiny Dimensions 3″ x 2.5″ x 1.75″


$295 Includes 12 Months of Service – No Monthly Fees & No Contracts Ever!

Features and benefits:

  • No Monthly Fees – No Contracts
  • Magnetic Case | Rechargeable Battery
  • Small Size | Speed Alerts
  • Bread Crumb History | Easy Mobile App
  • Geofence Alerts

The Portable GPS Tracker is Perfect for:

  • Elderly
  • Backpacks
  • Luggage
  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Assets


$295 Includes 12 Months of Service – No Monthly Fees & No Contracts Ever!

Features and benefits:

WiFi and GPS tracking are distinct methods used to pinpoint the location of assets and equipment in areas where GPS signal may be obstructed. Our latest tracker is a 2 in 1 WiFi GPS tracker, which effectively integrates the functionalities of both these methods. This tracker works inside and outside, has a 5 year battery life and instant movement alerts. Unit has FREE iPhone and Android Apps and stands as the pinnacle of tracking tools.
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