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Making equipment purchases is unavoidable for most businesses. New equipment can help your business to bring in more revenue – whether it be mandated or simply imperative safety equipment to protect your fleet and meet higher demand. Handing over the cash for these purchases can set you back a significant amount, and that’s what makes equipment financing an attractive option for expanding, starting, or updating a business.

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Benefits of Equipment


  •  The equipment serves as collateral.
  •  Helps to maintain cash flow.
  •  Preserves your cash.
  •  Limited paperwork.

Like most loans, you’ll need to provide the financial health of your business along with your credit score. Most equipment lenders will also ask for information about the equipment you’re looking to buy and a quote of how much it will cost.

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What Will Be Needed:

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Most businesses in good standing will qualify for equipment financing loans. Lenders are interested in securing a loan. So when you’re financing equipment it can be a good option being the equipment you’re financing acts as the collateral. The details of how much and for how long depend on the type of equipment and its cost. In-House licensing Contact Us may be available in certain cases. In-House licensing requires a min of 50 vehicles of equipment and 50% up front of the invoice with a minimum of 36 months payment duration.

What Else Should You Know About

Equipment Financing?

  • When your business doesn’t have enough cash to purchase a new piece of equipment upfront, equipment loans are the best option.
  • You use them the same way an individual would use a car loan, and then pay them back via monthly payments.
  • How much you can borrow depends on what you’re looking to finance, and the price will dictate the terms and interest of the loan.
  • The equipment itself acts as collateral, so you won’t need to put up additional collateral to secure the loan. This self-secured loan is often easier for some businesses to qualify for.

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Let us walk you through your options and help you decide which program is right for you.

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