Smart-Tire Value Proposition

  • REDUCE COSTLY “BLOW-OUTS & Litigations:
  • IMPROVED FLEET SAFETY: Alerts in real-time via SMS, email, in-app notifications.
  • Automate DOT reporting with pre & post trip inspections.
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING: and tire health alerts. (tread depth, irregular wear, load, pressure, and Curbing damage)
  • PERFORMANCE REPORTS: Create Reports to know your tire cost per mile and best performing tires by make and model.
  • REMOVE Cost & HUMAN ERROR: Of logging daily, weekly, monthly tire health inspection information.
  • REDUCE ANNUAL TIRE SPEND: by up to 20%
  • TRACEABILITY OF EVERY TIRE: from the time it is put into service until it is taken out of service.
  • Internal Sensors AUTO connect to installed “Gate-ways”

“Active Smart-Tire Tread Monitoring Sensors” ATTMS Reduce Costly “Blow-Outs” by Monitoring your fleet tires, tread wear, irregular tread wear, air-pressure, heat and more. Your custom-tailored monitoring solution can also be configured to collect powerful data to enhance your tire inventory and reconciliation needs. That you will use to make informed decisions about vehicle & tire maintenance by selecting the best performing tires by brand, model and more.

Reduce Costly “Blow-Outs”

“Active Smart-Tire Tread Monitoring Sensors” ATTMS Use Machine-Learning and AI driven technologies to Reduce Costly “Blow-Outs” & litigation(s) while monitoring your tires and tread wear in real-time. 1 “Blow-out” per day costs a minimum of $1,000.  Costs include Tire replacement, Driver-Vehicle Down-time, Trailer repair, Roadside and Towing costs.

Save 100’s of thousands on your current tire spend, reduce litigation(s) increase tires life cycle, enhance your fleets uptime and reduce “Costly” Blow-outs. Each Smart-Tire sensor configures automatically and captures your tires, tread data, tread wear and tire tread health. Including irregular tire wear, road temperature, tire pressure, traction and vehicle acceleration:


“Smart-Tire” Technology

Smart-Tires approach to tire tread wear is fueled with carbon nanotubes just one-billionth of a meter in diameter. The ongoing technology has evolved into a diverse product suite. The company’s Smart-Tire® products are built on patent-pending sensing technology with solid-state sensors that collect data from the tread of tires without physically modifying the tire. Each Smart-Tire® product directly correlates a sensor measurement with a current tire tread depth state, without the need for a multiplicity of sensors and complex algorithms to estimate the tire health.

Key innovations of Smart-Tire® products:

  • Drive-Over System (DOS) uses solid-state sensors to wirelessly detect tread depth as they pass over the speed bump-like unit
  • Internal Tread Sensor (ITS) uses the attenuation of wireless signals applied from the tire’s inner liner to directly measure tread depth
  • External Tread Reader (ETR) uses customized optics to capture high-resolution surface maps of tire tread in a single capture


Smart-Tire DOS Data Portal

Smart-Tires Data Portal provides a comprehensive platform for data collection, storage and analysis for all Smart-Tire® products. Its open API solution gives users the ease and flexibility to access immediate, actionable tire tread data on specific tires as well as historical wear rates, customizable alerts, fleet data and anticipated tire replacement information—all in a single, easily accessed web-app.

  • Realtime Data and Open API that’s Reliable, Flexible & Accurate
  • Maximize Vehicle Uptime
  • Early Detection of Irregular Tread Wear
  • Advanced Tire Data & Analytics

Drive-Over System

The DOS is a low-cost, solid-state sensor system incorporated into a low-profile speed bump to monitor tire tread of vehicles in transit through a service lane or depot. The DOS is free of moving parts or optics that can lead to time-consuming or costly repairs and requires no ongoing maintenance. It uses commercial RFID tagging to track vehicles and correlates this data with each tire on the given vehicle to provide data on each tire. The DOS:

  • Provides accurate tread monitoring of tires under routine measuring conditions
  • Is noninvasive for a quick and easy installation
  • Is low-cost and maintenance free

Internal “Smart-Tire Sensor”:

“Active Smart-Tire Tread Monitoring Sensors” ATTMS are ideal for dispersed fleets of any size, internally-mounted tire sensors provide GPS vehicle location and route data; as well as powerful, real-time tire monitoring including tread-depth, temperature, pressure, load and driver behavior while providing push notifications and alerts when any performance thresholds have been reached. The ITS:

  • Operates in real-time and provides continuous monitoring of tread wear
  • Is autonomous: no external equipment required, measures without outside interrogation
  • Is direct: direct measurement of tread, not inferred from other parameters

External “Smart-Tire” Sensors:

Monitor real-time tire pressure and temperature on every tire in your fleet. External sensors provide powerful data reports and push notifications to the appropriate team members to take quick action on tire maintenance issues. These sensors mount directly to the valve stem and are compatible with automatic tire inflation systems. The ETS:

  • Accurate: tread depth to ±0.5 mm
  • Fast: all four tires in one minute
  • Easy-to-use: point and shoot; data displayed on screen and on user-optimized URL

GPS Vehicle Location, Tire Temperature & Driver Behavior:

You can even use your Smart-Tire solution to gain powerful insights into how your vehicles are being used.

Smart-Tire GPS offers precise vehicle location and real-time route tracking. Temperature sensors and GPS data can also give you accurate insights into driver behavior such as acceleration, braking, cornering and overloading.

Each of your vehicles is an expensive asset, Smart-Tire ensure your vehicles are being treated with the respect they deserve.

Better Manage Tread Depth & Tire Wear Patterns

Increase tires life cycle, enhance your fleets uptime and reduce “Costly” Blow-outs. Smart-Tires capture your tires, tread data, tread wear and tire tread health. Including irregular tire wear, road temperature, tire pressure, traction and vehicle acceleration.


Best Tires for Your Fleet

By continuously monitoring tire health, you gain insight into which tire brands perform best. Smart-Tires connects to your tire service provider tire-tech or mechanic with automated ALERTS on every tire. Smart-Tire creates performance reports when a tire needs to be replaced or when a problem is likely to occur.


Costly Repairs & “Blow-Outs”

Irregular wear patterns can indicate alignment, suspension, maintenance or miss-matched tires. By effectively monitoring your fleet’s tire heath. You will reduce the risk of costly Emergency Roadside Service, Blow-outs, Damage to trailer, Driver and asset down time and costly repairs.


Maximize Profit & Uptime

Tires are your second biggest operational expense. Using Smart-Tire data has a big ROI. You can avoid unplanned downtime due to numerous types of potential tire failures including costly “Blow-outs”. Predict ideal maintenance intervals to maximize asset road-time productivity and Reduce your current annual tire spend.


Extend Tire Wear up to 20%

Precise tread-depth monitoring allows you to get the maximum safe and usable tread out of every tire. Maximizing, establishing and predicting proper usable life and pull points of each tire and casing. Saves money, decreases tire consumption up to 20%, keeps tires rolling and keeps tires out of landfills.