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Key Benefits


All-In-One Solution

Geotab’s All-In-One can include Nav, Dispatch, Routing, Maintenance, GPS, Tracking, Critical Event monitoring and more…

Cellular Data Transfer

4G/WiFi/LTE enabled systems provide instant real-time video, LIVE location and driver data on-demand w/HD video access.


Automated & Secure

Products are designed for automatic power-up, operation & shut-down. Tamper-resistant designs reduce driver interference.


Multiple HD Cameras

Multiple High-Resolution cameras capture maximum data of the road and (optionally) inside, rear, blind spot and sides of the vehicle.


Audio Recording

Built-in microphones record crisp, clear audio inside the vehicle. Audio recordings can be easily turned off in the settings.


GPS Monitoring

GPS/Tracking provides crucial evidence in all road events. Vehicle location, direction, speed, time/date stamp, driving route and heading information.


Smart G-Force Sensor

Integrated 3-Axis G-Force sensors provide detailed impact & driving behavior data with auto-calibration and are fully customizable per axis.


Telematics Integration

All-In-One Solution integrates with hundreds of telematics solutions. It’s Open API platform allows for a fully customizable Fleet Management solution.


Reliable and Accurate

From 1-2TB Hard Drives to dual SD card redundancy. Both w/automatic SD formatting and system health checks. Ensuring your road events are recorded & retained.

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