360° HD Surround vision:

prominent manufacture has implemented 360° surround video

FleetVu-Ultra "Wide-view":

150° & 170° wide-view solutions

FleetVu enhances your drivers performance with solutions that are designed to monitor and record “wide-view” high-resolution video data. The “wide-view” cameras are built and compatible with 720p/1080p Video solutions. Cameras provide high-grade AHD- 150° and 170° views up to 1920 resolution to record and can assist your driver with an in-cab monitor out on the road.

FleetVu-360° driver vision stitches 4-6 video feeds together in real-time to provide your driver with a 360° bird’s-eye-view of the vehicle in real time. Which reduces Blind-spots and enhances your drivers safety and performance out on the road.



4 or 8 Channel DVR and up to 2 TB HD.

FleetVu 360° HD Surround vision systems are innovative 360° vehicle camera systems that provide drivers with a top down, Birds-eye surround view of their vehicle in the cab, making parking, reversing and maneuvering safe and easy.  360° helps with loss prevention by surveilling 15′-18′ perimeter around your entire vehicle to verify your product and/or inventory has made it to it’s destination. 360° also has optional DVR recorders available.

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FleetVu 360° driver vision provides drivers with a top-down view of the vehicle to give drivers real-time 360º vehicle awareness. The result: ZERO blind spots – making parking, backing-up and maneuvering of any vehicle in tight spaces effortless. FleetVu 360°delivers: HD 185º camera vision, left and right blind view cameras automatically turned on by turn signals, and automatic back-up camera when in reverse. 360º surround solutions are available as a stand alone or can be configured onto your current “Live” fleet network* Additional Aux Camera options for road facing, cab interior, cargo/hopper interior, bus interior, or any other operational function views are available.


Monitored 360° Surround:

FleetVu 360° is the ultimate driver vision surround view camera solution; FleetVu 360º Digital HD represents the next generational leap for vehicle surround view (AKA ‘Birds-Eye’) camera systems. ​ Digital HD cameras provide superior resolution footage in all light conditions, ensuring drivers/operators have an unsurpassed view and all vehicle blind spots are eliminated. ​ For those wishing to utilize a 360° degree surround view system for recording and combating false claims, a 4 and 8 channel Digital HD DVR’s are available.

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4 systems in 1 solution:

  • Birds Eye 360 View that delivers real time NO BLIND SPOTS to you drivers on ANY tractor-trailer, box-truck, front loader, side loader, rear loader, roll-off, and street sweepers.
  • Left & Right Side Blind Spot side view triggered by turn signals addressing the drivers concerns of making safe turns and lane changes.
  • 180 Degree View Back up camera with programmable grid lines to optimize every specific installation so the driver knows where the back end of the vehicle really is.
  • 180 Degree Front View Camera for tight space maneuvering of commercial vehicles.
  • Built-in 4 channel MDVR recording for event capture, risk management and legal.
  • Additional 4 camera inputs for optional in-cab cameras, bin or any other specific operational needs.
  • Optional Cellular +GPS module for video telematics connectivity for FMS portal live view, cloud storage and managed video review services.
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