MirrorVue HD “Mirrorless” Monitoring enhances Driver Performance and reduces accidents.

Optional DVR Recorders – Omnivue 360° HD Surround vision


CRX offers high-definition (HD) & optional 360° surround recording.


CP4S Quad Channel

HD Dashcam ADAS), GPS, 4G/LTE (CAT4), Microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,



“Digital camera, Monitoring System

MirrorVue HD “Mirrorless” Monitoring offers AHD cameras for superior visibility around the vehicle. The “Mirrorless” Monitoring system has been engineered to replace exterior side view mirrors on commercial vehicles. Camera monitor systems have demonstrated fuel cost savings, the most tangible savings of 2% to 3% per year. The digital cameras cover both the flat lens and convex lens of west coast side view mirror heads.

Local driver monitoring solution has been granted a 5 year FMCSA exemption thru 2027. MirrorVue+ w/recording is “Coming Soon”

MirrorVue-What it Does

“Digital camera, Monitoring System

MirrorVue HD “Mirrorless” Monitoring system consists of two rearward-facing camera assemblies mounted high on each side of a commercial vehicle exterior and two vertical viewing monitors inside of the cab.

Each subsystem has a dedicated connection to the vehicle electrical system. Thus, the “MirrorVue” configuration makes certain that both left-hand and right-hand camera/monitor subsystems operate independently “so in the rare event of equipment failure, only one side is affected.


4 or 8 Channel DVR and up to 2 TB HD.

FleetVu-360°-surround-vision solutions are innovative 360° vehicle camera systems that enhance driver performance, provide drivers with a top down, Birds-eye surround view of their vehicle in the cab, making parking, reversing and maneuvering safe and easy.  FleetVu solutions help with loss prevention by surveilling 15′-18′ perimeter around your entire vehicle to verify your product and/or inventory has made it to it’s destination. FleetVu-360° configures onto “Live” Fleet Networks and has optional 1-2TB Storage and DVR recorders available.


Add AI to existing cameras :

AI telematics cameras are expensive. Not every user is interested in the expense of outfitting their entire fleet with AI cameras to get the benefits of the latest AI technologies. The SmartWitness AI Tech Package is a software-based subscription offering that leverages AI and machine vision to identify the driver and determine whether fatigue or distraction contributed to an event, using non-AI cameras.


Monitored 360° Surround:

The ultimate 360° surround vision camera solutions; Fleet-Vu 360º Digital HD represents the next generational leap for vehicle surround view (AKA ‘Birds-Eye’) camera systems. ​ Digital HD cameras provide superior resolution footage in all light conditions, ensuring drivers/operators have an unsurpassed view and all vehicle blind spots are eliminated. ​ For those wishing to record and/or combat false claims, an optional Digital HD DVR’s are available .

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