AI-HD Video Recorder with DMS Technology

RoscoVision-3.0 HD-AI-Fleet Cameras. Experience tomorrow’s technology on today’s roads with our high-performance driver management system. Thanks to new robust, innovative AI technology, DV6 will take your fleet productivity to the next level. Working intelligently together, RoscoLive and the new DV6 camera provide state of the art security for your drivers and fleet.

Finally, a dashcam with Actual Intelligence

Rosco’s new DV6 captures and processes FHD footage of the driver and the road with local and cloud storage options. It generates in-cab alerts for drivers when risky behaviors are detected, and provides data for fleet managers to help monitor safety trends over time.

Always Have Access to Your Fleet & Drivers with ROSCOLive 2.0.

Dual-Vision XC4’s cellular capabilities allow fleet managers to receive real-time Event notifications, and review and download live video while vehicles are still on the road. The Dual-Vision XC4 device connects to the ROSCOLive Cloud via a 4G cellular connection and users are able to pull videos and other data from RoscoLive Cloud. Live video streaming is also available for real-time footage of fleet vehicles.

AI-HD Video Recorder w/DMS Technology

RoscoVision-3.0 HD-AI-Fleet Cameras

Dual-Vision® XC4’s continuously monitors and captures driving behavior while simultaneously providing real-time driver feedback. If the predetermined speed limit and/or G-force settings should be exceeded the driver is notified with an audible chime. The audible chime or “alert” is a reminder to drivers that helps reinforce safe driving habits. Dual-Vision® cellular capabilities allow fleet managers to receive real-time Event notifications, and review and download live video while vehicles are still on the road. XC4’s continuous video helps fleets monitor and confirm that safe practices are consistently maintained by drivers.

MirrorVue “Mirror-Less”

NEW “Mirror-Less” Digital Camera & Monitoring System

Offering better visibility around the vehicle, the Rosco DCAMS have been engineered to replace exterior sideview mirrors on commercial vehicles. DCAMS increase visibility and enhance fuel mileage.

  • 3 cameras in one housing for each side.
  • Cameras equipped with heaters to ensure zero frost on the lenses in cold temperatures.
  • Cameras denoted by class according to R46 standard, covering devices for indirect vision and EU installation.
  • Functionality icons on screen at all times, lighting up when specific functionality is on.
  • Cameras cover FOV requirements of Class II, IV, and V.
  • Top camera replaces and covers the Class II FOV area.
  • Middle camera replaces and covers the Class IV FOV area.

Safe-T-Scope 360°

“NEW” Safe-T-Scope 360° Surround Camera System

Safe-T-Scope360™ reduces collisions and increases safety. (4) camera images spliced together or separately provide a 360º surround view of the vehicle, reducing blind spots and obstacles in blind zones.

  • 4 cameras each with 185° Field of Vision allow the driver to see everything around the vehicle.
  • A 360° aerial view along with other available views ensures the most coverage around the vehicle.
  • Increase performance and driver awareness.
  • Provide visual coverage of blind zones that are pertinent to large vehicles.
  • Reduce risk of collisions with VRUs.
  • Provide clear vision on sides of vehicles for narrow roadways.
  • Expanded side vision when reversing into a blind zone.

auxiliary cams & videos:

Side View Camera R/L – STSC167


Color Backup w/ Mic & IR-STSC101A


Internal Dome Camera – STSC172


“Mirror-less” FMCSA Exempt HD Monitoring





RoscoVision-3.0 HD-AI-Fleet Cameras