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Route4Me-Dynamic Route Scheduling & Optimization and Our Team of Routing Professionals. Will Work Directly With You to Setup Your Routes.

Type, copy-and-paste, or upload your customer list. Then, pick the number of drivers and hit optimize route. That’s it! Within about 10 seconds you will have an optimized route for yourself – or for every driver on your team. Routes are optimized and planned just as quickly when doing large fleet route optimizations.

World’s First and Fastest Dynamic Route Optimization™

Our Dynamic Route Optimization™ Technology Lets You Plan New Routes On a Map in Seconds

Route4Me was the first dynamic routing company to release mobile route planning apps on the iPhone, iPad, and Android simultaneously. And because we started working on dynamic routing before anyone else, we have the world’s fastest and most used dynamic route optimization software, with almost 10 patents granted.

Commercial Vehicle & Truck Routing

There are 8 different classes of commercial trucks, which divide large vehicles by weight, axle count, the types of items they transport, and other factors.

Whichever class a commercial truck belongs to, it’s not always going to be able to travel on the same roads that regular passenger vehicles use.

Time and distance are the two most important factors for planning routes.

When you try to plan a route by hand with, say, Google Maps, it’s going to give you the time and distance for a regular vehicle, which is often completely different than what the route would be for a larger commercial vehicle. For example, a Google Maps route might take you through a low-clearance canopy road, and that’s not going to work when you have a tall commercial truck.

That’s where we come in. Our route optimization software is able to accurately create routes and estimate arrival times for commercial trucks. We’ll get your time and distance right, no matter what kind of truck you drive.

  • Class 1-8 Truck Routing with Weight, Height, Hazmat, and Axle Count Restrictions

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