“Original” FleetVu 170° AHD Ultra-wide cameras

Improve Driver Performance-Reduce Accidents

Driver-Assist Only or “Cloud” Connected.

FleetVu 170° Ultra-wide cameras solutions are available either as an “In-cab” driver assist only (w/triggers) w/ no recording. Or with recording and “Cloud” connection. Help your drivers help themselves out on the road. FleetVu has continuously proven to enhance driver performance, reduce driver error and blind spot accidents while making driving safer and smarter.

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FleetVu Platform

Protect your Drivers and Track your Assets.

FleetVu’s advanced fleet solutions bring the power of real-time fleet management to your fingertips, helping you to reduce risk and litigation. While improving safety and lowering your costs of transportation and management of your commercial fleet. Our FleetVu platform delivers versatile monitoring and management solutions that enhance commercial fleets productivity.

FleetVu 170° Ultra-wide cameras
All "Wide" view cameras and compatible components are Built to order. Please ask about delivery times.