About FleetMaster 

FleetMaster | Premium Fleet Safety Solutions: Incl. Smart-Tires, “FleetVu” “Live” HD-AI-ADAS Ultra wide-view Streaming cameras, ELD, HOS, GPS Tracking solutions and more…

Fleet Safety Solutions is all we do.  All solutions are robust, highly flexible and expandable. Solutions seamlessly integrate the highest levels of safety and technology onto an All-On-One platform or as a standalone solution. We are exceedingly committed to the use of cutting edge industry technologies to enhance the safety of our customer’s business, drivers, employees and fleet.

FleetMaster’s Safety Solutions help protect employees, enhance operational productivity, enhance your loss prevention strategies, exonerate drivers, reduce collisions, litigation’s and fraudulent claims. While most importantly enhancing your fleets safety, performance and bottom line.

Our Mission

Every day bring safety, technological innovation and value that commercial fleets depend on world-wide. Provide lasting value and support that benefits our customers and instills pride. Our goal is to protect your drivers, employees, assets and your business. To enhance vehicular and workplace safety through the employment of comprehensive compliance, safety and video monitoring solutions.


FleetMaster’s solutions incorporate customized, innovative solutions and cutting edge features and solutions such as Loss Prevention RFID, Cloud-connected dash cams, Scheduling, Routing, Sensor enabled tire management. FleetVu 170° wide-view cameras, 360° Birds-eye video, AI-ML-ADAS powered video telematics, Collision Avoidance, Real-time “LIVE” remote viewing, GPS mapping & ELD, Compliance and Tracking technology to further enhance safety solutions.

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