About FleetMaster 

Your Premium Fleet Safety & Telematics Solutions Company. 

FleetMasters’ | Critical Event & Distracted driving Safety Monitoring Solutions that we provide are unique, robust, engaging, results-focused and orientated. Seamlessly integrating the highest levels of safety and technology onto Geotab’s All-In-One platform or as a stand alone solution. We are exceedingly committed to the use of cutting edge industry technology to enhance the safety of our customer’s drivers and their fleets.


FleetMaster solutions incorporate customized, innovative solutions. With features such as AI-ADAS Collision Avoidance, Rogue device detection, Real-time “LIVE” remote viewing, GPS mapping, ELD, Tracking, H265 compression, uninterrupted power supplies and hybrid recording technology to further enhance its safety packages. In addition, these solutions can be launched on Geotabs All-In-One platform.

Our Vision

Continue to bring safety, technological innovation, fleet safety and value that fleets depend on world-wide. While providing lasting value that benefits the customer and instills pride in the Visionaries that service them.

Our goal is to protect your drivers and your fleet and to enhance vehicular safety through the employment of comprehensive compliance, safety and video monitoring solutions.

FleetMaster’s Mobile Video Monitoring services & Fleet Safety Solutions help to reduce collisions, reduce fraudulent insurance claims, enhance operational efficiencies and most importantly enhance your fleets safety.


Certifications: IS09001:2008-ISO14001:2015-RoHS,FCC,CE & E-mark – PTCRB – RHA Gold Associate – AT&T Network Certified – Verizon Wireless Network Certified – Sprint Network Certified Transport for London (TFL) Approved – New York Taxi & Livery(TLC) Approved – Chicago BACP Approved