Fleetio – Fleet Maintenance – TMS-FMS software IS GOOD BUSINESS

Fleet Maintenance, Tracking, GPS, CMMS, Fleet Management - FLEETIO Makes Maintenance Management Easy and Lowers Repair Costs

Reduce Equipment Failure

Reduce downtime and increase equipment availability to boost production and quality, safely and cost effectively.

Boost Productivity

Manage your workers more effectively and rapidly find the parts, tools and information they need to save time and get the job done right the first time.

Report on Activities

Drive accountability and provide management with the reports they need to roll-up your maintenance costs into your company’s financial system.

Work Orders

Provide technicians with detailed work instructions created from standard job lists. Track parts consumed, add completion notes and even print to paper.

Purchase Management

Manage suppliers and request quotes quickly and easily. Use your CMMS to source millions of parts and spares and compare vendors and pricing.

MRO Inventory Management

Manage all your MRO inventory with the ability to quickly add missing technical data, pricing, and supplier information to your asset and supplies records.


Manage assets, work orders, and purchasing in one centralized location. Fleetio CMMS software can do more than you can imagine…

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Fleetio Manage

Control the chaos of fleet operations with Fleetio Manage,the all-in-one fleet management software for fleets of all sizes.


Fleetio Drive

Track drivers and monitor driving behavior using only smartphones.
Discover the future of fleet GPS tracking.


We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs.


Asset Profiles + VIN Lookups 1Store detailed records for vehicles, equipment, trailers & other asset types.
Unlimited Users Invite co-workers, vendors and others to review fleet data, generate reports and more.
Maintenance Log & PM Reminders Schedule and log preventative maintenance and repairs.
Vehicle Inspections Let Drivers create custom inspection forms using smartphone or tablet.
Defect & Issue Tracking Report problems and Track resolution/completion in maintenance history.
Fuel Tracking & Analytics Automatically import fuel transaction data from supported fuel cards.
Fleetio Go Mobile App Instantly access fleet information and update data from an iOS or Android device. FleetioGo details
Driver & Contact Records Manage personnel records and reminders for license renewals, drug tests, etc.
Vendor Management Manage and compare all vendors in one place. Purchase history, costs and more.
Data Importing Wizard-based data import  for most record types.
API Access Integrate Fleetio with internal or 3rd-party software applications. Developer API details →
Standard GPS Integrations Automatically sync odometer readings daily and view current vehicle location for supported GPS solutions.
Geofence Alerts Create geofences around places of interest and receive alerts. Learn More
Quality Support Email or call our Customer Experience Team for assistance. Access the Fleetio Help Center at any time online.
Work Orders Plan maintenance and Track parts and labor line items for better inventory control and mechanic analysis.
Parts Management Maintain detailed records for stock and non-stock parts, including manufacturer, vendors, locations, photos and more.
Inventory Tracking Multi-location inventory tracking of on-hand quantities. Set reorder points and receive automatic notifications for low and out-of-stock parts. Inventory details →
Fleetio Parts Mobile App Quickly lookup parts without additional hardware using a barcode scanning app. See if a part has low stock or is out of stock at a particular location and update inventory levels in real time. Fleetio Parts details →
Purchase Orders Workflow-based purchasing and receiving of parts, with approvals. Complete order history in one place.
Purchase Orders details →
Advanced GPS Integrations Receive Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts and track resolution via Work Orders. Fuel Location Alerts inform you when a vehicle wasn’t physically present at the fuel merchant’s location during time of purchase.
Webhooks Automatically push data about your assets to other systems and applications based on events occuring in Fleetio.   Learn More

Automatic Trip Tracking & Recording Automatically detect trip starts & stops and record routes using only a smartphone app. No hardware installation is necessary. Learn More
Real-Time Monitoring Locate drivers in real-time. Find the nearest person to a specific address or location and improve fleet efficiency. Learn More
Trip History Reporting Review trip and driver summary reports by date range and other filters. Easily analyze efficiency and export data for further analysis. Learn More
Saved Places + Geofences Save and organize places drivers visit regularly. See visit counts, elapsed time per visit and more. Learn More
Geofence Alerts Create geofences and receive instant notifications when drivers arrive or leave a geofenced area. Learn More
Driver Profiles Create detailed contact profiles, store documents, create reminders and more. View trip statistics and historial route details for each driver.
Text Messages Send a text message to drivers. View previous messages sent.
Driver Behavior Monitoring & Alerts Track unsafe driving habits like phone usage, speeding, hard braking & aggressive acceleration using smartphone sensors that are as-accurate or more-accurate than OBD solutions. Learn More
Safety Scorecards Evaluate & improve driver behavior by measuring a wide variety of safety factors like speeding, hard braking & accelerations, phone use, length of time driving, time of day, and many more. Learn More
Driver Leaderboards & Rewards Rank drivers and improve safety through gamification. Actionable insights help you reward good drivers and easily identify risky ones. Learn More
Webhooks Automatically push data about your trips and driver locations to other systems and applications. Learn More