Encourage Safer Driving Practices, Reduce Your Liabilities, Save Money with Video Event Recorders.

FleetMaster multi-channel solutions keep an eye and ear on your assets while also recording crucial evidence from all important road and hook-up events.  Systems are designed to be modular and fit the exact needs of our customers.

FleetMaster’s heavy-duty cameras provide strong and reliable durability for long-lasting performance in any tow and recovery application. With the wide field-of-views displayed on any of our sharp hi-res monitors, blind spots become a thing of the past. With FleetMaster’s HD mobile video recorders, you receive the ultimate in budget flexibility with the system reliability you deserve. Our software is configurable to your specific recording and data needs. And recorded footage will protect you against any false claims, increasing your ROI every year and ultimately saving you money.


  • Proven Reduction of Loss Ratios
  • Proven Reduction of Hook-up Incidents and Accident Frequency
  • Improved Driving Behavior, Increased Fuel Economy
  • Defend Against Driving Offense Allegations
  • Mitigation of Whiplash/Personal Injury Claims
  • Added Security & Theft Deterrent
  • Increased Speed of Claim Resolution
  • Possible Reduction in Insurance Premiums

Which System is Right for My Fleet?

Choosing the right system will depend on several factors. While we try to educate our website visitors as much as possible, it is always best to consult with a FleetMaster sales representative to discuss the perfect systems based on your needs and budget. These are the most common systems installed into Tow and Recovery vehicles: