TetherTech Safety

TetherTech is the SAFEST wheel end system in the world.


FORT COBB, Okla. — TetherTech’s patented, made in the USA solution addresses the age old problem of tire wear, wheel end play, stud, bearing and seal wear malfunction. TetherTech is compatible with ALL trailer manufacturer specs, both grease or oil bath hubs and fits Conventional or Meritorious Auto Inflate systems. click here for video

TetherTech’s 6061-T6 Aircraft Nut-Hub and End cap assembly, along with a thick steel cable through the axle tube.  Prevents the wheel assembly from separating that can cost your fleet Millions.

Tethertech- the ONLY safety solution that STOPS Wheel-Offs.

ROI-Better Tire wear-Seal life and Bearing wear.

TetherTech’s ROI is less than 1 year. – see video below

Increase tire wear, while reducing wheel end play and stud, bearing and seal wear malfunctions. Tethertech saves money and is transferable from your current trailers to your new trailers. TetherTech protects your fleet and trailer manufacturers good reputation. Make money and  STOP “Wheel-Off” and Lug failure events causing accidents and court cases today with Tethertech. The TetherTech system reduces damage to trailers and downtime costs for your customer.

“Wheel-Off’s” cost Millions!

TetherTech-USA Prevents Wheel-off and Lug Failures

Tether Tech Safety is the best safety device to hit the market since the seatbelt. Interstate Truck Center and Dickinson Fleet Services will install for anyone needing installation. You definitely want this on your new trailers being built and you need it on all of your trailers if you are serious about the safety of your fleet, drivers, product being delivered and your companies legal liability. More than any of this, if you are serious about the safety of everyone else on the road, TetherTech Safety is a must have.

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