Active Tread Monitoring Systems (ATMS)

Reduce Costly “Blow-Outs”

“Smart-Tire” Technology

“Smart-Tires”-Real-Time Active Tread Monitoring Systems monitor tread life in Real-time and are customizable to any fleet operation. Whether your fleet has thousands of assets, mixed light duty and heavy duty, nationwide presence, or regionally domiciled.  Smart-Tire products can be tailored to fit the organizations need to maximize tire life, safety and visibility. Each Smart-Tire® product directly correlates sensor measurement with R/T data.

Automatic tread life ALERTS and tire performance reports are sent to tire vendor, fleet director and/or tire mechanic upon tire replacement being needed. IE: 6/32″ of tread is left. No more costly manual tread measuring.

Key Smart-Tire® products:

  • Internal Tread Sensor (ITS) uses the attenuation of wireless signals applied from the tire’s inner liner to directly measure tread depth.
  • Valve Stem Sensor (VSS) uses the only patent pending Dynamic Sensor Technology available. DST also unlocks quick integration into fleet networks and communications devices.
  • Wheel-Mounted Sensor (WMS) Coming Soon!


Smart-Tires “Connected” Fleet Data Portal provides a comprehensive platform for data collection, storage and analysis for all Smart-Tire® products. Its Open API gives users the ease and flexibility to access immediate, actionable tire tread data on specific tires as well as historical wear rates, customizable alerts, fleet data and anticipated tire replacement information.

  • Realtime Data that’s Reliable, Flexible & Accurate
  • Maximize Vehicle Uptime-Connected Fleet Network
  • Early Detection of Irregular Tread Wear
  • Advanced Tire Data & Analytics

Internal “Tread” Sensors:

“Smart-Tires”-Active Tread Monitoring Systems (ATMS) are ideal for dispersed fleets of any size. Internally-mounted sensors provide GPS and route data; as well as powerful, real-time tire monitoring including tread-depth, temperature, pressure, load and driver behavior. The ITS:

  • ALERTS and Notifies in real-time when performance thresholds have been reached.
  • Is autonomous: No external equipment required, measures without outside integration.
  • Is direct: Direct measurement of tread, not inferred from other parameters.
  • COMING: Q3-Q4 “Wheel-off / Hub ALERTS

“Valve Stem” TPMS Sensors:

Built in the USA: Monitor real-time tire pressure and temperature on every tire in your fleet. Valve stem sensors can “Connect” directly to your fleet network to provide powerful data reports and push notifications for team members to take quick action on tire maintenance issues. The VSS:

  • Improves Compliance and Fuel Efficiency.
  • Increases Up-Time – Extends Tire Life Cycle.
  • Solutions can be Stand-Alone or be integrated into Telematics.
  • Reduces Waste – Enhances Braking – Reduces Maintenance

GPS Vehicle Location, Tire Temperature & Driver Behavior:

You can even use your Smart-Tire solution to gain powerful insights into how your vehicles are being used.

Smart-Tire GPS offers precise vehicle location and real-time route tracking. Temperature sensors and GPS data can also give you accurate insights into driver behavior such as acceleration, braking, cornering and overloading.

Each of your vehicles is an expensive asset, Smart-Tire ensure your vehicles are being treated with the respect they deserve.