Lytx – Surfsight & Geotab All-In-One Fleet Management and video management solutions combine cloud connected video data, machine vision technology and vehicle data to deliver  more than 120 billion miles of driving data daily — the largest database of its kind — to transform fleet safety and increase operational efficiency. Providing the critical context you need to understand the Road ahead.

Lytx Video

AI-HD Fleet Video Dashcam


Product Model: SurfSight

Instantly view real-time near-misses, collisions and distracted driving. Take The Next Step in Fleet safety. Schedule Your Demo.  Powered by AI and Computer Vision, Surfsight automatically detects and alerts distracted driver behavior and harsh driving incidents in real-time. Addressing the leading causes of preventable accidents. Equipped with high definition road-facing and cabin-facing cameras, smart sensors, GPS tracking, live video and playback. SurfSight front and rear dash-cameras, provide a 360° view of your vehicles and video evidence retrievals on the Geotab dashboard.




See more, know more, and do more with the Lytx DriveCam® SF-Series Event Recorders. Engineered with state-of-the-art technologies and enhanced with machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI), The SF Series gives you an expanded view of risk and a better understanding of what’s happening with your vehicles and your drivers. Its always-on cellular* connectivity, continual recording and cloud access let you see the big picture, giving you the power.

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Protect your drivers and Fleet with Lytx’s video telematics & Geotab w/optional Wi-Fi



Lytx’s Best In Class remote coaching lets coaches and drivers conduct sessions.



Lytx Protects more than 1.3 million drivers & 4,000 Fleets daily. Improve Efficiency Today.