Operating a fleet of vehicles brings many challenges. From Health and Safety through Duty of Care, risk management plays a key role in safeguarding any business. Add to that the other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians on the road and the job for policyholders gets a lot more complex.

So when it comes to giving the best advice on risk management, does your policyholders fleet have all the right tools in place?

Save your Insurance company tens of thousands per incident in Insurance fraud, Staged Accidents, False/Exaggerated Whiplash Claims, Conflicting reports of Actual Events and Insurance/legal settlements.

Without video surveillance it costs insurance companies a minimum of 100k thousand dollars for a minor accident that was NOT your policyholder’s fault. With FleetMaster’s video surveillance solutions in place that amount can be reduced as much as 80%.

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At FleetMaster our solutions have been providing in-vehicle cameras to fleet operators and private individuals since 2007. FleetMaster works with the pioneers in creating the first commercial grade dash camera and today are recognized by Industry authorities as being the partner of strength in the field of in-vehicle CCTV. Today FleetMaster’s solutions are responsible for the protection of over 250,000 vehicles around the world covering in excess of 35M million miles every day.

FleetMaster understands the challenges faced by fleet operators and insurers – and that’s why today we work with more commercial insurers than any other in-vehicle camera/surveillance provider.


Industry statistics state that 40% of claims are disputed, yet with FleetMaster’s SmartWitness surveillance solutions installed, that 40% reduces to just 2%.

Contested claims create extra workload and potential liability for all. At a time when policyholders are trying to run their business any incidents add stress, frustration and concern for them and their drivers (and that’s before we think about the cost implication of excess payments, vehicles off the road, unhappy customers and the potential higher insurance premiums).

VIDEO: SmartWitness Integrated with Telematics Software for the Insurance Industry

Research Shows Private Car Drivers were:

  • Assigned fault in over 81% of commercial truck crashes
  • The encroaching vehicle in 91% of head-on crashes
  • Responsible for 91% of opposite direction side-swipes
  • Responsible for 71% of rear end collisions

Defend Against:

  • Insurance Fraud / Staged Accidents
  • Lack of witnesses or distraught drivers
  • False and/or exaggerated claims
  • Conflicting reports of actual events
  • Poor driving habits or behaviors
  • Expensive and increasing insurance premiums

How can FleetMaster Help?

  • Video evidence capturing what actually happened
  • Court admissible evidence
  • First Notification of Loss delivered instantly via 3G
  • Independent witness to support your client
  • Faster claims resolution
  • Lower resolution cost
  • Happier policy holder, Increased Client Retention
  • Protected insurance premiums

Change Driver Behavior by asking three questions.

1)How do I quickly and easily identify drivers that are most at risk?

2)With my overloaded work schedule, how am I supposed change their behavior?

3)Who are my best drivers? With the current driver shortage, you need a better way to coach and keep them. Drivers also need to be acknowledged!

With SpeedGauge’s data analytics, we provide the complete picture around a driver’s performance and our coaching philosophy offers an immediate, positive impact. By combining the two, new users typically reduce speeding by 50% within the first 30 to 60 days.

The results? Lower fuel costs, lower training costs, lower legal costs, lower CSA scores … and a higher SpeedGauge Safety Score to share with your insurance broker.

Make Safety Pay!

Benefits of FleetMaster Video Telematics for Claims