Extract footage from the SD card

Should you need to extract and review SD card footage from your CP4 and/or CRX device.

You will find instructions on how to do so below.

1. Download and install the MDT player from the following link:
Windows: FleetVu Media Player Download
Mac: FleetVu Media Player for Mac

2. Click on the settings icon on the top left and adjust the display time to “From my PC”.

3. Take the key for the CRX and open the front panel.

4. Slide the SD card door open and take the SD card out of the device and insert it into an SD Card Reader on PC or directly onto PC.

5. Open the MDT player.

6. Select the “File load” icon from the top left corner.

7. Find the SD folder named “AVFILE3” and select and open the “media” folder.

8. Select and open the date that you’d like to view footage from. (Folder name = YYYYMMDD).

9. Select and open the hour that you’d like to view the footage from. (Folder name = 24-hour format).

10. Select and open the MDT file(s) of your choosing.

11. A new window will appear on the right side of the application named “File List” where you can double-click on any of the files to load it onto the software so that you can view the footage.

12. Now that we have the needed file loaded, we can play it using the media keys at the bottom left corner of the software.

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