Distracted-Driving-Nuclear-Verdicts distraction causes 80% of road accidents per our insurance partners. Distracted driving productivity software eliminates mobile device distraction, improves workplace safety and boosts employee productivity.


Control Your Company’s Costs and Reputation

Right now, if your employees are distracted by mobile devices, your company’s money – and reputation – are at risk. Consider this: Workplace accidents not only threaten the lives of your people, they damage equipment, slow job progress and open you up to nuclear verdicts, regulatory fees and liability claims. All of that impacts your company’s standing.

Motion Intelligence Distracted Driving solutions work automatically to keep workers focused by implementing your company device policy into action, protecting all your resources. Want to learn about what Motion Intelligence can do for your bottom line? Contact Us Now!!

411M Distracted Verdict!

On October 6th, 2020 https://bit.ly/3lSNyQR a Florida jury handed down what is believed to be the biggest nuclear verdict ever against a single trucking company: a $411 million Nuclear verdict. If the jury finds out technology was available and your fleet didn’t have it. You will be next!!! To Combat Nuclear Verdicts you MUST have the most up to date technology in your fleet, such as Critical event monitoring, Speeding & Distracted Driving solutions. Which coach-train and soon eliminate the flurry of notifications and buzzes when on the road in your company vehicle. Solutions can reduce your annual fleet insurance premiums, combat Nuclear verdicts and reduce CSA scores. so workers can safely focus on their jobs:

Manage distractions  Warehouse – OTR – Company Vehicles

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