Distracted Driving


Distracted Driving-FleetMaster and its distracted-driving solution is tested and proven. Using the dashboard, fleet managers can enable their drivers to make safe decisions, ensuring they stay safe with realtime data and preventative software. Our tamper-proof, fully customizable solution and one-of-a-kind “rogue device” detection makes it the most effective solution on the market.

Management Console

The Solution works with Geotab, or can work as a stand-alone solution to prevent drivers’ dangerous device usage while behind the wheel. With the device detection and ability to work in MDM and BYOD environments, and universal availability for iOS and Android devices.  The distracted-driving solutions encourage positive changes in driver behavior.

Fleet managers can be assured that drivers will begin operating safer and over time will adopt safe habits with their mobile devices on our fully comprehensive, open-interface solution.



Distracted Driving-FleetMaster solutions prevent distractions caused by mobile devices before they occur. Drivers remain safely connected without an opportunity to engage in dangerous distracted-driving behavior or becoming a distracted driving statistic.

The Dashboard, which seamlessly integrates into existing fleet telematics and driver-monitoring tools, provides a fully customizable, easily managed monitoring system with realtime reports for effective management.

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